Give hope and save a life by donating today! image

Give hope and save a life by donating today!

Your support will make an incredible difference in the overall health of our community.


You can help someone to not give up on life.

A middle-aged individual in need of support to cope with violent attack, a 15 year old coping with parent’s death, a Veteran with PTSD in need of support, a 20 year old seeking help to restore a family, a 40-something managing panic attacks after loss of a loved one, a 27 year old who’s experiencing anxiety during a divorce, and a teen struggling with trauma & depression after sexual assault. What do all of these people have in common? Three things:

  • They found themselves having to cope with a major life event or trauma.
  • There is nothing “wrong” with them, they are simply hurting.
  • They were all helped in a single day at our Walk-In & Counseling Center.
Life has a way of thrusting even the most stable of us into unknown and distressing territory. Pain does not discriminate. That’s where we come in. We serve the every-person, the community at large, and the mentally ill with the same level of care and empathy, regardless of circumstance.

The MHA is able to offer these life-saving services through the generosity of people like you and we are in need of your support. Last year, we served 1,179 individuals at our Walk-in & Counseling Center, provided nearly 10,000 services, completed 2,045 Psycho-Educational Interventions at the Boys & Girls Clubs of IRC, and reached 970 students through our School Violence & Suicide Prevention Program. With the support and commitment of generous donors like you, we will continue to remain open to help residents suffering from a mental health issue or simply navigating a difficult time in their lives.

Your donation today will help another individual struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma or a mental health disorder receive the help they need when they need it. Over 200 people walk through our doors each week. Some are children. Some are senior citizens. All are friends, family members, or neighbors. A number of them are struggling financially because of their mental health conditions. Without your continued support today these individuals would not be able to receive the services they need. Your support today can make an incredible difference.